You need an individual electronic key to get in the apartment
You need an individual electronic key to get in the apartment

Kvartira Kosti Kreutz is a restaurant and tearoom with a small bar in-between. All this goodness is located in a city attic-type apartment located on Nevskiy Prospekt, which offers a charming view overlooking Petersburg's roofs and sky.

The main change we made is an individual electronic key for each client. No strangers can be met here: it is most likely that the neighboring table will be occupied by either your friend or a friend's friend who is also a potential friend of yours.

Call +7(921)094-11-88 for our head-waiters' assistance and guide.
The kitchen and fridge in the sitting room are at your disposal round-the-clock!
«This is a place that you can enter wearing ragged sneakers as well as pearls and a floor-length dress»
Sitting room
The Apartment's menu is based on the "travel food" concept - food which every traveler encounters in all parts of the world. The menu was developed together with the host, who has included his favorites from all cuisines in the menu.

The Tearoom is a large round space with glass atrium, designed as an Buddhist temple, where specialists who have mastered the Bronislav Vinogrodskiy Club's tea philosophy will not only let you get a glimpse of the Chinese tea culture but will also show you how tea can be an instrument for reaching the desired mind state.

The bar located between the sitting room and the tearoom is easily the most impressive part in the place that in many ways reflects the hosts' personality and interests. Wine menu mostly consists of trending and natural wines offered by young wine-makers from all over the world. Here is always a right bottle for any mood or particular meal. If you do not fancy wine at the moment, there is always an excellent cocktail for you.

This space is designed for private meetings, negotiations, reading and lectures. There is a door which takes you to a separate bedroom. The door is normally locked but you can stay overnight in the bedroom if you wish to do so - just make a reservation at Airbnb in advance. https://www.airbnb.ru/rooms/18101465
Kvartira Kosti Kreutz is the bedroom in the first place. The bedroom is the place where friends and guests stay. The bedroom is rented with parlor or separately for guests's lodging for a day or long-term stay. To arrange your accomodation visit Airbnb: https://www.airbnb.ru/rooms/18101465

Kvartira lents out several spaces: first of all that's the bedroom - it is rented via Airbnb as well as directly - for lodging and staying of guests. The parlor is rented out via kvartira's head-waiters crew for private events or corporate meetings. The open kitchen in the sitting room is provided for festive evenings (you can cook your favorite meal) or for cooking masterclasses.

If require detailed information about services provided call us +7(921)094-11-88


You can get to Kvartira any time, 24 hours 7 days a week, 365 days a year

How to reach us?
To get to the apartment, you need to obtain your electronic key, book a table by phone+7(921)094-11-88 and come at the following address: Nevskiy Prospekt 71. Enter through the archway from Marata Street 1.
Newsletters about the events that will happen in the apartment this week
We made it our tradition to tell everybody about the events that you can expect to happen in the KVARTIRA KOSTI KREUTZ during the week.
Before visiting us please book a table in advance